With the prospect of a new school and new language to learn, it is highly encouraging to be submerged into the Canadian culture with truly a great way to do so by participating in the Homestay Program by KGIC Inc. Housing Limited. By participating within the program, the student shall experience an unique opportunity to develop in such a nurturing environment.


The students are offered their own personal private space within the host family’s homes, consisting of own bedroom, facilities and options to share meals. Any other requests can be accommodated.

Airport Pick-up Fees

Options for airport pick-ups are available, but these shall be charged accordingly when requested. Please visit the applied school website for further information.

Homestay Fees

The homestay fees vary upon placement and school applications. Please visit the applied school website for further information.

Placement Fees

The placement fees will be processed during the homestay application process. Please consult school website for further information.

Extension Periods

If there is a need for an extension of stay within the homestay housing, please inform the school within 14 days of the final checkout date in order to accommodate the extension.


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