KGIC Inc. offers another suitable housing alternative option which is a community within itself. A great place to develop, to meet friends and of course be in close proximity to the school of choice. Living within a Dormitory allows an individual to grow as an independent person, while having many experiences with other international students living within the dormitories. Of course it will be continually encouraged to all residences to practice the English Only Policy.

What a Dormitory Offers

Average 15 students per Dormitory

Male and Female designated separate floors

2-4 students per room in the shared rooms

Live in Staff/Dormitory Coordinator

English Only Policy

Events and Social Calendar

Proximity to public transit, parks, community centers and shopping malls

Dormitory Fees

The Dormitory fees vary upon placement and school applications. Please visit the applied school website for further information.

Extension Periods

If there is a need for an extension of stay within dormitory please inform the school within 14 days of the final checkout date in order to accommodate the extension.

General Inquiries

Further inquiries can be directed to


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