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Programs at KGIBC Toronto and KGIBC – CTC (King George International Business College – Canada TESOL Centre) Vancouver and Victoria are carefully designed with the student in mind – cutting-edge, informative, skills-oriented, and globally crafted. The aim of our programs is to ensure our graduates have the competitive-edge in the global market place. This is accomplished through meticulous research, development, and implementation – most of all this is accomplished by listening to our students.

Our Teacher Training (TESOL) and Interpreting & Translation (IT-K) programs have been created by our experienced in-house curriculum design team. TESOL at KGIBC and KGIBC-CTC puts the student in control. With 7 different TESOL programs to choose from (TESOL, TESOL Children, - Middle School, - Adults, -T est Preparation, - Advanced), flexible start dates and a ‘build your own’ approach – students will save time, save money and maximize their TESOL learning experience. Bonus components for our IT-K includes a chance to receive a certificate of completion from Korea’s International Interpretation Translation Association.

Our Business Management Diploma program (BM and ABM – COOP) utilizes both our in-house curriculum and contents from the Canadian Institute of Management. This combination of communicative-oriented KGIBC-CTC business materials and more lecture-based CIM (Canadian Institute of Management) content allows students an approach to learning that is balanced, globally minded and provides an in-depth insight into the Canadian business industry.



Business Management

Advanced Business Management (Coop)

Interpreting and Translation - Korean


TESOL for Adults

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Business Management

Advanced Business Management (Coop)

Interpreting and Translation - Korean

TESOL for Children

TESOL Advanced (12 Weeks)


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